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    Welcome to the new BrooklynGYNPlace.com

    Brooklyn GYN Place is a fully licensed facility performing the full range of OB/GYN procedures. Patients who wish to have options for pregnancy issues may do so following an ultrasound evaluation. The physicians affiliated with Brooklyn GYN Place are Board Certified OB/GYN's affiliated with New York Methodist Hospital. Patients electing to have a surgical procedure may do so either awake or asleep. With over 20 years of experience, all procedures and exams are performed in a safe and comfortable setting.

    Patients may also receive follow up GYN care with our physicians at Brooklyn GYN Place. Patients may elect to have their tubes tied subsequently via the new Essure procedure all of which can be done at Brooklyn GYN Place. Furthermore, patients who desire to have uterine fibroid management, surgical intervention for fibroids i.e. myomectomy/hysterectomy, routine pap smears, sonograms and STD testing may receive the highest standard of medical care at Brooklyn GYN Place. In addition, the HPV vaccine is now available.

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      Endometriosis - Female Infertility

      Endometriosis is a female condition that is a cause of infertility. In cases that result in endometriosis, the endometrial tissue that is inside of the uterus grows outside and attaches to other organs, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Unfortunately, this disease worsens with time and does tend to reoccur even after treatment.

      The symptoms of this condition can include very painful periods, heavy amounts of menstrual bleeding and pain during intercourse. Ovarian cysts are another side effect of endometriosis and they can be very painful as well. They interfere with ovulation and cause excessive amounts of bleeding, even when youre not on your period.

      So, make an appointment with your doctor to determine if you have endometriosis or to find out if something else is wrong. During the exam, the doctor will ask your medical history and perform a pelvic exam. Once it has been confirmed that you do have the condition, you will be classified into one of four categories. One is the minimal stage, two is the mild stage, three is the moderate stage and four is the extensive stage. This is all determined by how advanced your endometriosis is. This is the time that your doctor will find out which medical treatment will best suit you and get you on the road to recovery as fast as possible.

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